2018/01/04 News
Introduction of Various prizes from each sponsor company [3]「Isami」&「Reversal」

Introduction of Various prizes from each sponsor company [3]「Isami」&「Reversal」

Various prizes are available from each sponsor company for 2018 Fukuoka International Tournament.
We introduce the prizes from 「Isami」&「Reversal」at this time.

[ISAMI] & [reversal.dogi.design.works]:
Isami Trading Co. Ltd. is one of the major martial arts brands in Japan.
reversal.dogi.design.works is one of the most popular martial arts clothing companies in Japan.
We start our bussiness in 2000 with Isami which is over 70 years of success
in one of the most competitive markets in the martial arts world.
Our line of products include top of the line Apparel, Athletic and Surf.
Our products bland rvddw is high quality with a very modern style
that is the face of athlete and artist.]

Prizes from Isami :
・Semi Original Order Gi(made in Japan) for 2 persons
* We will give you a prize panel board on the day and prize winners can select it as you want.
You can see the detail of Semi Original Gi from below link.(Japanese)
You can select each top , bottom , collar of the color and any patch as you want.
Based Gi is Isami Gi made in Japan.
This Semi Original Gi’s general price is 30000JPY( around 250USD),
But you can get it as Isami special prizes!!

Prizes from Reversal:
・Providing Original stickers for all competitors.
All tournament competitors can get reversal original sticker at the venue on the day.

· Sales booth opening at the venue by Reversal.
The reversal products sales booth will be opened by the reversal staff at the venue on that day! !

· The tournament original T-shirt design & made by reversal will be sold on the day.
Tournament T-shirt was created by the organizer.
But Reversal decided to produce and sell the original 2018 Fukuoka International Jiu-Jitsu Championship T-shirt ! !
It will be on sale at the reversal sales booth on the day.

· Prizes for winners: We plan to offer reversal products [BIG MARK COTTON TEE] for about 20 categories of winners.

It seems that it is very unusual tournaments that have many prizes and reversal sales booth.
Dear all , Do not miss this opportunity! !