2018/02/20 News
Introduction of a catering [WEST UDON]

Introduction of a catering [WEST UDON] at the venue of the 2018 Fukuoka International Jiu-Jitsu Championship.
“WEST Udon”that is most famous Udon franchise store group in Fukuoka.
They will sell a hot Udon at the venue.
(*Udon(Japanese Noodles))

The venue Kasuya Dome’s air conditioning facilities is very weak.
Therefore,it seems that coldness will become extremely cold inside the venue.
Moreover, inside the venue is “shoes strictly prohibited”,
so please bring each person “clean shoes for inside of the room” or “slipper”, “thick socks” etc.
Thick warm clothing is essential.
In addition, I think it is better to bring a disposable Cairo,etc.
Although I expect inside venue’s temperature would become same temperature with the outside temperature.
Every athletes and observers, please take measures against cold weather.

In such a situation, hot Udon is appreciated.
Please warm your body with hot [WEST Udon].

West Udon Veneu’s Menu & Price:
Udon with burdock Tempura: 450 YEN
Udon with beef: 650 YEN
Udon with burdock Tempura & beef: 750 YEN
Kashiwa(Chicken) rice ball (2 of rice balls) : 300 YEN
Variety of rice balls (2 of rice balls): 250 YEN
Tonjiru(Miso soup with pork and vegetables): 300 YEN