2018/02/21 News
Master Japan presents Fukuoka International T-shirts

We have informed you that the Reversal presents Fukuoka International Event T-shirt will be released at the venue in the last news posting.
And at this time, we would like to inform Fukuoka International event T-shirt made by Master Japan will also be released at the venue on the day.

This T-shirts will be provided for the athletes who completed registration & payment before or on 1st early bird registration deadline date(2017/Nov/30th) as free charge at the venue weight in.
*Athletes need to take it at the venue on the event day. We are not able to send the T-shirts later.
**Free Tournament T-shirts is for the athletes who are Juvenile & Adult & Master 1 & 2 category. Kids category athletes are not eligible for this.

Master Japan 2018 Fukuoka International Jiu-Jitsu Championship T-shirts